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New Version - May 2021!!

Automatic Material Alignment with a FREE 30 days trial license!

The Automatic Material Alignment software is used in combination with EdingCNC to provide camera assisted material alignment for CNC machines based on Eding Cnc controllers. The CNC machines for which the software is fit are portal machines on which the material to be aligned is placed on the machine bed. The current software is designed for standard USB, industrial ethernet and analog cameras.
Circular shape detection (holes, fiducials...) Easy & quick calibration (~5mins)
We have added a new algoritm for detecting circular shaped objects based on color selection. The color selection allows to specify a color range to allow detecting refelecting surfaces and non homogenous colors. Check out the movie below on how it works!!
The detection algo allows for detecting drilled holes, colored circle markers, reflective circles and more....
The software supports fully automated calibration procedures. The calibration template (see link in table above) is positioned under the camera. By one simple push on the button the system is calibrated and ready for use.

Main features
1) Offset correction & Rotation correction
2) Scaling(uniform and non-uniform) support to compensate shrink/stretch
3) Autostart alignment from G-code file!!

• Square, edge and circle markers are supported although circles are recommended.
• Circular shape detection like holes, reflective marker detections like PCB fiducials etc.
• Uniform scaling (based on 2 markers) and NON uniformscaling (based on 3 markers)
• Compatible with most camera's, if you can get your canmera to show images in windows you are good.

The software is 800 euro.

Download Resource Description
Automatic Material Alignment installer Automatic Material Alignment
Latest version 3.2.1
New features:
Robust for multiple markers (selects marker closest to center of camera)
Full automatic alignment controlled from G-code file (load file g-code file, hit start in EdingCnc and alignment starts and completes automatically )
see readme auto start
"Save capture movie" button for saving videos for remote support
change log:
Bug fix in circle matcher algorithm (too close circles overlapped)
Bug fix to allow software starting without internet connection
Automatic Material Alignment installer Automatic Material Alignment
Stable version 3.1.1
New features:
Full Win 10 support!
Online Trial License mechanism!
Auto start from g-code file see readme auto start
change log:
V3.1.0 - added new algoritm for color based circle detection, non-uniform-scaling, template overlay visualization
V3.1.1 - Fixed error in offset (first marker needed to be at material coordinate [0,0] alwas. This is fixed now by which first marker can be defined at random coordinates at the material)
Manual Manual Automatic Material Alignment
Calibration template PNG file of calibration template. Please print on A4 paper without scaling!!
Calibration template DXF DXF file of calibration template
Calibration template DXF DXF file of calibration template lines only

Works with every camera that can render to windows, no special cameras, no vendor lock-in! Run Amcap to test if your camera is suited.

USB Standard camera Industrial ethernet camera